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An Amazing Experience!

Visit us for the ultimate sensory experience in flotation therapy. Each step of the process will take you to higher levels of relaxation. Our sessions are in a pleasant and relaxing environment. The Flotation/”Floatation” tanks—or simply Float Tank—is a sensory experience with unique and therapeutic qualities.

The Best Flotation Therapy in Denver

The 4 elements of each session are:

Physical Benefits


Delivers enhanced performance, increased energy, and heightened senses. A constant high-frequency gamma wave program designed to elevate mental and physical energy.


For deep relaxation and physical bliss. Low-delta and delta/theta range frequencies to put you into a deeply relaxed state.

Mental Benefits


Mental alertness, greater focus, mental clarity. A constant mid-beta frequency engineered to enhance concentration and memory while maintaining a consistently focused cognitive state.


Enhanced creativity; deep, inspired thinking. A constant mid-theta frequency program designed to open the mind and boost creativity.

Spiritual Benefits

Calmness, tranquility. A series of theta meditation frequencies designed to induce an awake, yet calm, meditative state.

Mindfulness, self-discovery, self-mastery. Combined positive mood sequence with energizing high-frequency beta waves to inspire and motivate.


This was my first time,I’ve been having a lot of of back aches lately and I usually sit in the tub with a cup or two of Epsom salt at home , but sitting in there for about an hour and snoozing I left feeling a lot better and more clear minded but you got experience things for yourself but I’d say give it a whirl and see what happens and tell em your a first time cut her and they might even take a little money off your first time.


Was definately pleased with my float experience! was relaxed and re-energized and it really helped alleviate the pain in my sacrum. my skin & hair were so silkly soft afterwards. i am looking forward to my next float session!

Nancy Lovley

I enjoyed my float session, it was really cool! can’t wait for my next session

Shane Lovely

This was my first time every doing a float and I will have to say it was such a great experience and will do it again. It did take me a little bit to get relaxed since it was my first time but once I did that you totally relax. I will be going back again. Thanks for such an awesome experience.

Shawnda Fitzpatrick

Lisa and her staff offer an amazing experience. The benefits of floating are far and wide. It was relaxing and rejuvenating!