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Lisa has now been in business since the end of 2012 and already needed more room by 2016!!  She has hosted tens of thousands of floats in her studio!  She is very excited about the business move and expansion that is now located in Westminster, CO!

Here’s the story: Lisa, as a counselor and instructor at a local college in 2012, was on her way to a training conference in Portland, Oregon and searched trip advisor for some of the best things to do and see while in Portland outside of her work schedule since she had never been there before. One of the top suggestions was to go “floating”, which she had never heard of, but as a scuba diver, water lover and Pisces, it peaked her interest.

As she read and studied more about float therapy, the benefits and the description of what floating was, she decided it was a must. However, once getting to Portland, she found that the float centers were booked solid, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. She got lucky on a waiting list the night before flying home and got in for her first, life changing float! She knew she needed to find a tank at home, but there weren’t many to choose from. There came the business idea! Lisa uses float chambers to assist in removing herself from western medications used to treat depression and anxiety that she has dealt with since being a teenager. She also uses it for stress, spiritual purposes such as meditation and prayer, and to center herself as well as chronic pain issues. What a ride it’s been, now she’s had tens of  thousands of others in tanks that she brought to Colorado herself and watching the healing has been more than she imagined!!

Lisa and her family are Colorado natives. She received her Associate’s Degree from Front Range Community College, she received her P.O.S.T. Certificate from the Community College of Aurora, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services with an emphasis in Mental Health, Counseling and Addictions from Metro State and she received her Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology from Argosy University in Denver. Lisa is a former police officer of almost ten years and a former counselor and instructor for at-risk youth. With her education, her professional experience and her love of water (especially scuba diving), this was the best of many worlds for her! Lisa is a single mom and has two children, Brandon and Azlyn. Lisa lives about ten minutes from the studio and is committed to providing her customers the highest levels of customer service and care, VIP style!



Larry and Teresa are also very excited for this new business expansion as Lisa (their daughter) had brought them along to try floating as well and they have both had many positive results. Larry uses flotation therapy for his multiple sclerosis, insomnia, chronic pain to include back pain, joint pain and muscle pain as well as numbness.  Teresa uses floating for symptoms associated with lupus, neck pain from a bad car accident and just for relaxation and rest.  Floating has now become a very important part of life for the entire family due to the many health benefits that were noticeable immediately. Larry and Teresa have been married for over 45 years and they each have also been small business owners themselves. They are also Colorado natives and are very supportive of other small, local businesses as often as possible.

Larry and teresa have put a lot of time, energy and money into helping lisa begin and continue this new small business in our state and hopefully you will all get the chance to meet them and speak to them when they are here, teresa is working at the business full time now! They are more than willing to help in any way they can! They all love this business and what it is doing to heal and help people.

We are very excited to meet and get to know every one of you!! We hope to help make this a home away from home where you can find peace, solace and relief from pain, stress and everyday struggles. We also hope to see benefits in performance, endurance and stamina for our professional and amateur athletes that are using flotation tanks to enhance their abilities!! Thank you! See you soon! Woohoo floating!!