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  • Watch the instructional video in the video gallery before your session.
  • Shaving right before floating will cause a stinging sensation for a few minutes while in the tank, it’s best to shave after
  • Try not to drink caffeine before you float, it interferes with most people’s ability to relax.
  • If you eat a large meal or don’t eat at all before you float, you may feel it more. Moderation is best.
  • If you wear contact lenses, make sure you don’t get salt in your eyes, or remove them before your float.
  • You should not float immediately after having your hair colored.

You do not need to bring anything unless you want to “get ready” after your float and shower. We provide your towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and ear plugs if you’d like to use them. All of this is provided along with your own shower in your private room. If you have any specific allergy or special needs, please bring your own linens or toiletries, otherwise, we provide them for you.

Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Most people choose to go in without anything as bathing suits, swim caps, and even the ear plugs that are provided can offer unnecessary and unwanted distractions and pressure on the body. However, this experience is yours and you can choose to wear whatever makes you comfortable.

We do not recommend floating for epileptics whose condition is not under medical control, for people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, for people with infectious diseases, for people with open skin wounds, or for people with suicidal thoughts or tendencies. Floating for children or those with disabilities will be considered on a case by case basis and may require the presence of a parent or an aid.

We honestly have no idea what your personal experience will be like for you. Each person is different when they float, and each float that you do will be completely different as well! Based on what most people report, you should at least experience: Complete relaxation. Most people report profound peace, relaxation, deep concentration, and creativity. There are no demands of the mind or body. The logical side of the brain is rendered redundant and its activity slows down until it synchronizes with the creative side of the brain. This leaves you feeling relaxed and in a very wonderful dream-like state in which the brain releases vast amounts of endorphins. Soon, you’ll shift into the state of mind that Buddhist Monks try to reach through hours of meditation and years of intense training.

Yes, they are as dark and quiet as we can make them and as dark and quiet as you choose to make them. We have gone to great lengths to make sure that any outside noise from the “real world” is blocked out of our studio, out of your private room and out of your flotation tank. The floatation tank has many important features to help keep you in the sensation neutral zone to best host you in your theta state experience.

The first float for some, it’s hard to sit still and just learn to relax for a full hour. However, anyone who floats regularly will tell you how blissfully comfortable and deeply relaxed they feel when floating. You are as close as you’re ever likely to be to an experience of weightlessness and total relaxation for the mind and the body. Once you’ve been floating for a few minutes, the feeling of dark, quiet and even the water you’re lying in, seems to fade away, you don’t even feel like you’re inside a tank any longer! The results tend to be cumulative, the more you float, the more benefits you receive and the longer they last! Floating 3-5 times is recommended to see results that can be directly related to floating.

For many, being inside a flotation tank, brings up this initial concern. The floatation tanks are quite large, so very few problems with claustrophobia are reported by people. The floatation tank, the floatation room lighting and the door to the tank are all controlled by you at all times, so you can choose to float with the door open and the lights on if you’d like. Very rarely does this happen, if at all. Once people have had a feel for the floatation tank, they realize that they are in complete control, their fears subside and they choose to turn off the lights and close the door to reach their desired relaxation!

Yes. The tank is not air tight and has been created fully ventilated with a plentiful supply of fresh air supplied by an air circulation system. You will not run out of air and as you float for the first few minutes, you may even feel the fresh air rushing by your face.

No, you will not sink. Each tank only has about 10” of water in the bottom, but it is saturated with 850-1000 pounds of Epsom salts! With this combination, you will see in your first few seconds of floating that you remain completely buoyant and sinking or even turning over would not be possible, even if you fall asleep. It is impossible not to float in the tank. Your face and body are pushed to the surface of the water like a cork, even if you don’t think you are good at floating, you will float for sure. It should be noted, that many people that float, choose to sleep much of the time that they are in the tanks, especially if they have jet lag, are suffering from lack of sleep or some actually book appointments in order to sleep in the tanks all night or for a nap! It is some of the best sleep you’ve ever had! Sleeping in the tank is very comfortable and is not dangerous. It is nearly impossible to roll over in the dense solution and if you get water or salt on your face, you will wake up immediately.

You can resume your normal daily activities, but we recommend floating when you aren’t in a rush to be anywhere if you can. If you are always in a rush, it’s not a problem, but after the experience, you may want to just enjoy some peace and quiet and maybe a cup of tea or iced lemon water in our relaxation room before heading out into the “real world” again.

With the inversion table, the binaural beats and especially the floatation tanks, you have now dramatically reduced your aches and pains and you have certainly increased the production and release of dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain, giving you an incredible natural high that sometimes lasts for days or weeks afterwards.

This is decided on a case by case basis. In some cases of age or disability, it may be recommended to have a parent or a personal aid present during floating. However, we consider floating to be safe for most people over the age of 12 with parental consent and release of liability. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns. We want all to benefit.

No, it is not cold and it is not hot. Our water is kept at approximately 93.4 degrees, which is the surface temperature of our skin. With this water temperature carefully maintained, it is our hope to make your floatation tank sensation neutral so that the water temperature is not another daily distraction. You’ll drift into your theta state without any temperature influence, very relaxing!

Salt water can be a bit uncomfortable for a few minutes. You can use the towel provided or step out and rinse off if needed. To avoid this, keep your hair back off your face and keep your hands away from your face. Also, keep your face dry.

In the gravity free environment, the body balances and heals internally as all the senses are now resting. Research shows that floating measurably reduces blood pressure and heart rate, while also lowering the levels of stress related chemicals in the body. Old injuries, aches and pains (especially neck and back pain), experience intense relief as floating helps reduce the pressure on the body and helps with blood circulation. Floating is used widely in the treatment of stress, anxiety, jet lag and to improve concentration and creativity. Sports performance and “wind down” is also greatly enhanced while floating.

During a float, you produce slower brain-wave patterns, known as theta waves, which are normally experienced during deep meditation or just before falling asleep. This is usually accompanied by vivid imagery, very clear, creative thoughts, sudden insights and inspiration or feelings of profound peace and joy, induced by the release of a large amount of endorphins, the body’s natural opiates. Because of these effects, floating is used effectively in the treatment of depression, anxiety, insomnia and addictions, including withdrawal symptoms. Floating has also been researched and is commonly used in schools and universities worldwide as a tool for “Super Learning”.

Our salt solution, just like the famed salt baths, has an amazingly beneficial effect for skin and for strengthening the hair. Many customers choose to just towel off after their float instead of taking a shower because they enjoy the feel of their skin and hair after a float. Although salt water does sting on newly shaved skin and small abrasions, it generally subsides within a minute or two. If you are worried about larger cuts or injuries, we recommend liquid Band-Aid or Vaseline. Epsom salts are not drying or damaging, it is a very different feeling compared to other salt water. Epsom salts are healing and will feel silky smooth against your body and hair immediately. You will feel the results for days.

Absolutely! Pregnant woman, especially those in the late stages of pregnancy, may receive some of the greatest relief from floating. While pregnant, just lying in bed or even in a bathtub can be extremely uncomfortable due to the massive gravitational strain placed on your body. There is no clear way to find a comfortable position. The floatation tank is a wonderful haven where a pregnant woman can escape from some of the symptoms, discomfort, and pressure on the mind and the body. Please check with your doctor before floating, especially in the first trimester. However, my doctor loved the idea!

Absolutely! You’ve probably never been in cleaner, more sterile water! The 10” of water in the tank is saturated with 850-1000 pounds of very high quality, fine Epsom salts (Magnesium Sulfite). This, in and of itself, provides sanitation beyond even that of the water that comes out of your sink, shower or bath facets…and that is without filtering! However, at Healing Waters Mind and Body Float Studio, LLC, we also filter the water before and after each and every float through our state of the art micron and intense UV filtration systems, presenting the floatation tank for your float in completely crystal clear saltwater.

No. This is your experience from beginning to end. You should find comfort, peace and relaxation and explore the best position for you during your float. Some float with their hands by their side, some with their hands over their chest or stomach, some in the “hands up” position and some with their hands behind their head. You can choose to have your head at either end of the tank, most choose to have their head by the door. You can have lights on or off and you can choose to close the door, or leave it open. We want this to be custom created for you.

Floating choices for everyone is different. For my dad and me, we like to float at least once per week (see our monthly memberships if this is for you). It helps our back and other pain issues and it helps us with our insomnia each night. Sometimes we go 2 weeks, but it is rare to wait that long. For others, they find that floating once or twice per month is enough because the effects can last days or even weeks for some. The more often you float, the more quickly and deeply you will enter the theta state and the more you will notice the mental and physical benefits throughout your entire mind and body. We are not high pressure sales here; we just love floating and want to share it for an affordable price in a convenient and relaxing location. See our package and monthly membership prices for the best deals, or talk to me and I will help!! It is recommended that you float 3-5 times to get a sense of what floating is really like and to really get a feel for the positive effects that it is having on your mind and body. Most see the effects and potential in the first visit, but for others, they need a few times to really find out what is working and what isn’t.

If you have never floated before, an hour to an hour and a half would be a good place to begin. Once you are comfortable and are experienced with floating and the results, some choose to float for several hours and we can accommodate that at a less expensive rate when you are ready.

Again, everyone is different and each float can have a different intention in mind for you. Some like to float before a big meeting, test, or presentation in order to reach deep concentration and relaxation ahead of their day. Some like to float right before a big work out, bike ride, race, fight, or hike. Some like to float right after work to calm them, relax, leave work at work and prepare for their family, friends or just their home life. Some like to float after an injury, surgery, stroke, big race, fight, work out, etc. to help relax and heal faster. Some like to float at the end of their day, right before going to bed to help with anxiety, insomnia or stress. And, some like to float during their normal sleep times finding that an hour of floating has been shown to be equal to 6-8 hours of sound sleep at home. Feel free to experiment, we will accommodate you! The more you float, the more floating builds and grows on you and you begin to realize that each float builds on the next until the positive results last longer and longer and you accomplish and reach more and more relaxation and healing.