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After you have taken your cool, cleansing shower, you may enter the flotation, “floatation” tank. Awwww…the float!

Many people know and count on the tremendous and almost magical healing powers of water. When you consider this along with the use of Epsom salts in large amounts (known for centuries for its healing and benefits), the idea of floating is a no brainer! HOW MUCH RELAXATION AND HEALING CAN WE STUFF IN ONE FLOAT CHAMBER!!??

A flotation tank is like having a large bathtub or a small swimming pool with a canopy on top, all to yourself. It has about 10” of , nice, warm, sterile water with approximately 800-1000 pounds of top quality, pharmaceutical grade, healing Epsom salts dissolved inside! This amount of Epsom salts makes your body extremely buoyant and you cannot help but to float!

When you are inside the floatation tank and have closed the door, feel free to lie back when you are ready and there will be no need to “float”, let the water and salt support you completely with no effort at all, you can even go into that deep meditation or fall asleep if you choose.

The water is set at a neutral temperature of approximately 93.4 degrees (sometimes a bit warmer). It may feel warm when you enter due to your cool shower ahead of your float, but as you begin to float, you may begin to lose all sensation of water around you. Many floaters have described floating as feeling like they are floating in outer space at zero gravity or even that they have returned to the mother’s womb, we don’t know where the water ends and where our body begins, ahhhh.

Many of us do not realize just how much energy is exerted on our mind and body due to gravity alone. Gravity, touch, sight and sound consume over 85-90% of our physical and mental energies! Gravity is the greatest cause of wear and tear on our joints, bones and tissues and you get to escape that gravitation pull here as often as you’d like.

The flotation tank can help eliminate almost all external stimulation to the mind and body by reaching sensory deprivation and allowing the body and the mind to relax in a very unique environment. Your mind and body can reach some of the deepest relaxation possible and frees it to cleanse the mind and body from stress related chemicals and allows replacement with beneficial endorphins. The body and mind can reach states of peace, relaxation, health, healing and happiness by restoring its own natural self-regulation and healing powers!  Have you booked yet?