Therapeutic Epsom Salts 2018-04-24T03:46:03+00:00

Epsom salts are minerals that occur naturally in water and were named “Epsom” salts after the town of Epsom in England where the salts were first distilled from their springs. However, the scientific name for the mineral is magnesium sulfate (MgSO4) and is not actually “salt” so the mineral is very healing and hydrating and not drying for the skin and hair as many people guess they might be.

Epsom salts have been used for centuries and have been considered a source of healing and relaxation for just as long…both internally and externally. Epsom salts can be purchased over the counter in most stores. However, we purchase pharmaceutical grade magnesium sulfate and we strive to ensure that it is the highest quality and in a fine grade for dissolving and absorption purposes. Not all Epsom salts are the same!  (We do sell the pharmaceutical grade salts here for home use).

This high quality Epsom salt concentration has many benefits, however the benefits most notice immediately are improvements with pain levels, breathing, and immediate improvement to the hair, skin and scalp. Most people who float also say that the high concentration of Epsom salts creates a strong sense of euphoria or a “natural high” for many hours during and after their float session has ended.